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Needle/Hook Gauge from Nancy's Knit Knacks

Nancy's Knit Knacks Needle, Stitch and Row Gauge includes needle holes for sizes 1.50 mm to 19 mm - (US sizes 000 to 35) 24 holes in total. There is no other gauge on the market that has this many needle sizes.
Measures 3-5/16 inch x 5-25 inch

Why is Nancy's Knit Knack's gauge better than any other on the market?
Its size fits into your hand properly and you can manipulate the needles into and out of the holes more easily than with the other gauges
It has more needle size holes than any other gauge - 24 in total.
It is accurate. We machine each hole into the plastic with a computerized cutting machine (CNC cutter). The others stamp theirs out of metal or mold them in plastic. Both methods are inferior when compared to CNC operations. Why do we use the more expensive method CNC? Because it is more accurate.
We also list the metric and US needles sizes as well as Crochet Hook sizes.
Our gauge is made in the USA. Theirs are typically made in China, India, and Germany.
Our gauge is legible. We use a special ink that prints crisply and will not wear off.
Our unit will not break or bend.
Our price is competitive at $6.00